Gareth Dylan Smith

GDS head shot

Drummer / Educator / Scholar / Writer


  • Endorsed By EcHo Custom Drums and TreeWorks Chimes
  • Gigs and festivals in USA, Europe, UK with Irish Psycho-Ceilidh band, Neck
  • Albums and tours with, Stephen Wheel, Gillian Glover, Eruptörs, Mark Ruebery
  • Musical theatre shows in London and Switzerland
  • Multi-channel, multi-arts events with Sweet Tooth


  • Senior Lecturer in Popular Music, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London
  • Facilitator (online) in Music Education, Boston University, Boston MA
  • Teaching drums, ensemble skills, critical studies, research
  • Private drum tuition
  • Workshops with Grammy winners, Snarky Puppy
  • External examiner in Australia (doctorate), Malaysia, UK


  • 24 articles on drummers in Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd ed
  • First ever sociological book about drummers – I Drum, Therefore I Am
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on music education
  • Conference presentations on drummers and education on five continents
  • Invited lectures at institutions, including
    • University of Cambridge
    • Columbia University
    • Case Western Reserve University
    • University of Michigan
    • New York University
    • Florida International University
    • University of Southern California


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2 Responses to Home

  1. matt says:

    Have just finished listening to your latest Rhythm contribution and it was very insightful, as usual. I have found all of them really useful as a drummer just starting to gig with my first (covers) band. It is reassuring to know that even a pro has weaknesses like me and you are looking to improve your playing still. I have picked up some great tips and hope you continue to do them for a while to come.

  2. Awesome blog, really one of the best ive read in a while. I’m also a drummer and have recently started a youtube channel. Would be great if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts:). Ive got a few solos and drum covers on there.


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